Brinton Lodge

In November of 2013, the Berks Mont Project team investigated Brinton Lodge. It is claimed to be one of the top 10 most Haunted locations in Pennsylvania. I can tell you, the Berks Mont Project Team agrees.

Along with its charm and elegance, it has a true feeling of being a living, breathing, entity all on its own. The feeling of never being alone, or the sense of someone watching you while walking through its hallways, is overwhelming.

The Team, along with the owner Eileen, had an incredible night. Disembodied voices and unexplained sounds were captured on our audio devices. A direct Class A EVP Stating "get out" as a response to one of our questions, was a spine chilling find. The interaction with direct response to EMF fluctuation wile asking questions was impressive to say the least. Asking, "If you are here with me now, can you lower the number on this device from 1.5 to .5" and having it happen was incredible.

The one room that caught our attention throughout the nights was the "little girl’s room “or "kids room". It is located on the second floor. We caught multiple light phenomena activity on our IR Cameras, heard footsteps, and caught voices on our audio recorders. This room was, in our opinion, the most active. Cold and eerie, it promoted a sense of anxiety and discomfort while being in it. We believe we caught the so called "shadow man" on video. It was a series of rapid events leading up to one of our investigators getting up, moving to the hall way, and seeing a figure move left to right through a doorway into a front room. It "knocked the wind" out of the investigator. Further analysis is needed but... "I know what I saw" and another investigator that was with him saying, "I know what I heard", tells the tale.

The Team cannot wait to get back in for round 2. If you get a chance to stop by this place, I promise you will not be disappointed. We plan on investigating the lodge again this summer. We can now focus on certain areas and explore ones we have not, with the expectation that it will be adventurous.

Stay tuned for this one!

--Berks Mont Project Team

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