The Scare Crew

Reecho, Bleeko and Howie: AKA “The scare crew”

Not sure what to say about this ghostly trio…

They’ve been driving the BMP team crazy for years… Not only have they trashed our website, they mislead us, tease us, and make us look like fools. Thinking they can always get the best of the Berks Mont Team. Draining batteries, making weird noises, and messing with our equipment, seems to be the only reason why they like “hanging around with us”. For now, the BMP team is willing to tolerate their behavior.

Something about their character is appealing to the team. In some cases, they are just like us. Having fun, messing around, and not taking things “too seriously”. They fit right in.

If we can give these ghouls a laugh at our expense, then so be it. In the back of our minds we think these guys actually have “our backs”. They always seem to appear when we get that next lead or meet someone that needs our help.

So Reecho, Bleeko and Howie have been a thorn in our paranormal side for years, but we would not have such a great team and have not met so many good people, without their help.

But one of these days we are going to give them a taste of their own medicine… Mark our Words!!!

--Berks Mont Project team

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